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Meet Bacil the Jamaican Caveman

Meet of Bacil the Jamaican Caveman

Who is your host?

The Beeep Guys, Saba and Russian will take you to meet the Bacil up into the hills, and Bacil of course! Take a peek into the life of Bacil the Jamaican Caveman. Bacil has been living in a cave in the hills of Manchester, Jamaica for about 30 years now. The nearby community locals claim a story of heartbreak causing Bacil to go into the hills and never return. Yet, Bacil welcomes guest to come and enjoy the day or evening with him.  Take a look inside his cave, enjoy fresh fruit from trees, enjoy the herb and hear his story.

What we'll do

Take a short 20- 30 min hike up the beautiful mountain side. Meet Bacil, learn about his living and have lunch. Bacil home has a beautiful view from the mountain top which is ideal for photos.

What we provide

Transportation and lunch, we also will take you to nearby sights if you are up to it.


Therefore, it is recommended that you bring a comfortable pair of shoes and clothes, and an optional camera or personal water bottle.


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