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Fresh Seafood at Rio Nuevo Beach

Who is your host?

Your Beeep Tour Operator will accompany you and your group to the Rio Nuevo.

What we'll do

You won't find many beaches like The Beach at Rio Nuevo Battle Site pronounced (Ria Nova). Covered in pebbles and soft sands, Rio Nuevo is a breathtaking beach in the Ocho Rios area near Tower Isle, St. Mary.  Enjoy fresh fish and plantain cooked to order beach side and enjoy two bars and a snack bar. Take a short walk down to Sugar Pot Beach and you can enjoy some delicious Jerk and eat beachside.  Rio Nuevo isn't congested like its more popular nearby beaches, which makes it an ideal getaway. In addition, the water in the area is clear enough for snorkeling, so grab some equipment for your underwater exploration.

What we'll provide

Transportation and lunch to the beach as well as stops at local markets and sites at your leisure.


If you plan on getting wet don't forget your swim wear.  


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Fresh Seafood at Rio Nuevo Beach

Rio Nuevo, Jamaica

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